I'm a Photographer

…the artistic world of photography is my passion. A picture, though it may have no physical motion, no sound waves, it can still make us feel its movement, still make us hear things.

I love it.


I made aliya (moved to Israel) from Russia in 2005 with the name Nadejda (Hope) Rozin. After completing my studies at Tel Aviv University in early childhood development, I felt ready for something new.

Filled with the hope of achieving personal development and a source of burning passion to brighten my everyday life, I laid out my path to become a master photographer. Today I feel that without question, I am well on my way to achieving that goal.

I knew that with photographs I could create a sharper, brighter image of the world, an image filled with light and possibility. With my camera I attempt to make the mundane magical, the drab brilliant.

My passion has led me to achieve a level of artistry that feeds my soul and sets my heart aglow. I knew I was now ready to change my name from Nadejda (Hope) to Emuna (Faith).

Early in my career I chose to focus my efforts on photographing glass art, glass being a medium innately filled with light, color, and intensity.

I strove to enhance those qualities through in-depth study, experimentation, and devotion. I feel that I capture the beauty in glass art in my own unique way. I have since added to my repertoire portrait and full body photography, architectural images, and themed projects.

It is exciting to be capable of enhancing my world and yours through photography.